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About the designer

Svitlana Terenchuk has been described by clients and colleagues as ‘bright’, ‘charismatic’, ‘unbelievably talented’, and  ‘open minded in her fashion designs’.  Her imaginative use of unexpected combinations and creative new wave designs have earned her much respect in the Ukrainian fashion industry for 10 years.
Svetlana Terenchuk creates not merely beautiful clothing, her distinct designs for men, women and children establish style and fashion in the clothing industry. Her romantic evening dresses, business attire, casual fashions, sporty clothing, and collection of lingerie indicate that this designer is not just keeping up with the times, but she is outpacing the tempo of the fashion world. 


Brand History

2006 – Svitlana Ternchuk  awarded  first place in  “Stylish Decision” at the All-Ukrainian Olympiad for specialty  “Garments”.
2006 - Third place in “Constructive decision” at the All-Ukrainian Olympiad for specialty “Garments”.
2006 – Third place in  «Technology» at the All-Ukrainian Olympiad for specialty “Garments”
2009 - Collection show «Brandy», in the program of festival «The Vinnitsia Podium».
2009 – Laureate of the  fashion clothes contest  «NEO» for collection «The tears of goddesses» at the 17th International Festival «Kyiv fashion».
2010 – The designer Svitlana Terenchuk gained the Certificate of Ownership the trademark ‘Svitlana Terenchuk’ 
2010 – Svitlana Terenchuk presented her spring-summer collection  “Wings”.
2010 – Collection show  autumn –winter «Symphony of a woman».
2011 – Participated in young designers «Sabotage», project  Lviv Fashion Week contest.
2011 –Collection show autumn-winter «Presentation» within the framework of the festival «Vinnitsya Fashion Days».
2012- Presentation of the collection «The Spring Instinct» within the framework of the festival «Vinnitsya Fashion Days», famous singer Katerina Buzhinska took part in the collection show.
2012- Svitlana Terenchuk was awarded for the creation of the trademark «Svitlana Terenchuk», within the framework of the social project «Defile along the life», which was held by the public organization  «Development»
2012 – Collection Show “My note” , held within the framework of the festival «Vinnitsya Fashion Days» with the participation of the vocal trio band «Maximum».
2012 – Awarded the designer Svitlana Terenchuk by Petro Poroshenko for significant contribution to the youth development in Vinnitsa .
2013 – Collection show «Odour» within the framework of the festival «Vinnitsya Fashion Days», where new uniform for the TV team “Vinnitski Pertsi” was represented.
2014 -  Represented new collection “Without makeup” within the framework of the festival «Vinnitsya Fashion Days».  Actors of the movie «Country U» and «Once happened near Poltava» took part in the collection show.
2014- Awarded “The best designer of Vinnitsa district” within the framework of the region contest “The Young Person of the Year”.
2014- First in history of the brand the designer represented her own collection show «Tints of happiness». At the final defile of the show the famous singer Katerina Buzhinska demonstrated her concert coat from Terenchuk.
2014- The magazine which is entitled «Terenchuk magazine» started to be published. It tells about the career and working process of the designer Svitlana Terenchuk.
2014-The designer represented the patriotic project  «With love to Ukraine”, where the show stars such as Olga Sumska, Katerina Buzhinska, Vlada Litovchenko,  Tonia Matvienko, Natalia Valevska wore the patriotic dresses by Terenchuk. Money after selling the dresses was transferred to the treatment of the wounded soldiers in war areas.
2015- TERENCHUK presented her new collection "Unforgotten", where for the first time there were represented clothes with the drawings on the cloths made directly by the designer. At the end of the show the participant of the contest "Міss World" Katerina Prosiannikova finished the defile.
2015- Presented the project "Read, Ukraine!.  Ukrainian business people and show stars took part in it by appearing in the clothes with famous poets and writers of Ukraine on it.
2015 - TERENCHUK designed and put into life the concert clothes of the band «ТIK" for their concert tour "Love Ukraine".
2015 – On the 5th of September Terenchuk had a new record for Ukraine. It was the longest podium in the history of Ukrainian Fashion; its length is 11 kilometers. Models walked from one side of the city to opposite in dresses with the pictures of the famous historic places. The project was entitled ‘The Fashion Podium throughout the whole city”. The record was set at the Day of Vinnitsa. 
2015 - For the first time in the History of the band TERENCHUK fashion promo video for collection «Hypnosis» was recorded.
2015- The new collection платья“Water” was presented within the frameworks of the festival Vinnitsa Fashion Days”.
2015 –the designer Svitlana Terenchuk was in the list of TOP-15 among the best designers of Ukraine according to the Ukrainian People.
2016 – The brand TERENCHUK within the framework of Vinnitsa Fashion Days presented the collection "ECHO.ECHO", where for the first time in the brand history the Ukrainian embroidery was used. At the end of the show the famous Ukrainian singer Tonia Matvienko came on the podium in the clothes of the brand.
2017- The designer Svitlana Terenchuk presented her collection DARKRAINBOW, which was devoted to the opening the boutique in Kiev.
2017 – The designer Svitlana Terenchuk was recognized as a winner in the district contest «The Woman of Vinnitsa district” in the nomination Fashion.
2017- For the first time in the history of the brand TERENCHUK and Vinnitsa city there was the defile show of the lingerie and the swimming suits "THIN LINE".